Having worked with Mamas & Papas for many years I always admired the showroom at head office. Beautiful interior products, great attention to detail, ahead of the game; all with accessories and toys to complete. I secretly fancied a chance at designing on this area, and when a team reshuffle created an opportunity, I happily accepted the offer to fill a gap. Working closely with product development I had fun stretching my knowledge at a whirlwind pace; refreshing the baby blanket range, designing a new curtain offer, developing cot mobiles and the odd surface pattern for a teepee! This is really where I just love my job; using my skills with a magpie approach to create beautiful, timeless, thoughtful design on an expanding portfolio of products. Do you have a gap in your team? Why not get in touch for a chat, I’d love to help you out...just drop your contact details to me and I would be happy to get back to you.


"Ros is not only a very talented and thoughtful designer but also a pleasure to work with. She is so adaptable and her work on my interiors range was fantastic. I really enjoyed working with Ros and am so pleased with her design work…. will definitely want her working on my ranges again." Louise Smith Senior Buyer Interiors Mamas & Papas

(Photos © Mamas & Papas)

(Photos © Mamas & Papas)


Building a strong relationship with a client is so rewarding and it gives me such a buzz when I’m asked to return to work on a new brief. I joined the Mamas & Papas team initially to cover maternity leave, working in-house managing the trend, design and first sample development of the ladies product area; denim, woven, jersey and knitwear. A pivotal part of the role was to ensure the design worked with the needs of the stylish mum; her changing body through pregnancy and into nursing, working closely on comfort and fit with both product developer and technologist. I have continued to work with the brand developing bespoke prints and embroideries through to outfit styling ideas for the creative team. My journey with team at Mamas and Papas has been long and super interesting, spanning almost 10 years! I’m very lucky to work with clients who truly believe in good design to sell a product. My USP is creating a unique offer for my clients, something you just can’t find anywhere else...if you would like to find out a little more, get in touch. If nothing else we can have a’s good to talk!

(All photos © Mamas & Papas)

(All photos © Mamas & Papas)

”Ros has been a long term freelance designer at M&P, working on Maternity for many years on both garment design and print, and more recently on gifts and seasonal product. The fact that we have used her almost full time on a freelance basis for many years is testament to the quality of her work. She has proven to be able to adapt to any category I have asked her to work on. She has been a pleasure to work with. Flexible, commercially minded, with a great eye for product, but always being customer focused. I would recommend her without hesitation for any freelance project” Richard Harris, Buying & Merchandise Director

(All photos © Mamas & Papas)

(All photos © Mamas & Papas)


Christmas. It’s the most wonderful time of year...apparently. When I was asked to develop the Mamas & Papas My 1st Christmas range I was excited to create beautiful product with a touch of humour, but slightly daunted. As a consumer I’m looking for something a little more unique, less is often more and simplicity is key. How would that fit with my designing “characterful” Christmas? When a brand have an eye for quality and the unique, it can be difficult to navigate seasonal product design. From clothing and accessories through to picture frames, tree decorations and gifts, the range structure was twofold; to execute something classically Christmas driven by characters, plus a non-character capsule collection, to work in complete harmony. I began with three concepts, and through presentation and discussion it was honed down into two directions. I then developed characters via inspiration boards and pencil sketches, followed with colour concepts. At each stage I collaborated with the team to get everyone on board. Client relationships are built through understanding their struggles and designing solutions to these. I ensure each step of the process is shared. I design, but with continual feedback, to save time and money for each client. The factory samples excelled. The feedback from the directors was awesome. The range was a success. The hand painted glass baubles will always be my favourite, painted by hand from the inside, the craftsmanship blew me away! Do you produce a diverse range of seasonal product that requires some bespoke attention with a fresh eye?  Then I think we should talk…

(Photos © Mamas & Papas)


Nightwear, loungewear, sloungewear and now bathleisure(!) is very much where I’m at personally. I love closing the front door, getting into my pjs and chilling (ideally with wine). That feeling! I also love the fact that I can wear pretty bohemian floral prints and feel super feminine (I'm a jeans and tee girl by day). The last two nightwear collections for Mamas & Papas have been designed in collaboration with an equally stylish brand. Created by two sisters-in-law, Bloom and Blossom took their experience of parenting and combined it with their love of beauty products, to create an incredible range of skincare. The brief was to create a range incorporating bespoke prints and colour to align the collection both commercially and aesthetically with the Bloom & Blossom branding. Both clients were more than happy with the results and I just adore the simplicity of the photography. As a consumer and a designer I’m looking for something a little more unique, so it’s fantastic to work with clients with the same ethos. I’ve worked in a wide range of fashion roles and I use that experience to create surface pattern prints on a growing blend of products for the modern bohemian. I’d love to reach out to lifestyle brands in need of beautiful, enduring design. If that might be you, let’s talk...

(Photos © Mamas & Papas)


(Photos © Mamas & Papas)


I adore dressing up for a night out (out!) but my love of loungewear has grown by stratospheric proportions since working from home. I pinky promise I am showered and dressed 99% of the working week but when a client needs a deadline, needs must, and sloungewear is the order of the day! So, when an old colleague and friend revealed she and her sister were launching a loungewear brand I was over the moon to be asked to help bring their vision to life.

These girls just live and breathe their product. For our initial chat, lots of time worn and well-loved samples, magazine rips, Pinterest pics, scraps of fabrics, etc., etc. were gathered. We sat down and had a cuppa and put the slounge world to rights, fueled by more tea and a big pot of sweets. As a startup brand the budget was tight, so we focused on half a dozen key styles the girls just couldn't live without and talked fabric, fit, details and trims. Caroline created the superbly simplistic brand identity so I could focus on bringing the product to life with detailed sketches. I constructed factory specifications that could be built upon with different trims and fabrications. Natalie is hands-on and design driven, passionate about product and really wanted to personalise each style whilst sat with the factory; a very organic development process which creates the best samples. The whole business, from development of product, photography through to delivery is handled by these hard working sisters and mums, and I love it’s spirit. Working with an emerging brand is an amazing buzz and feels like fun not work! Do you have a product you are slowly nurturing to life? Or big ideas you’d like visualising into thoughtful products? If so, I think we might just get along, why not get in touch? A natter costs nothing...(Photos : © Something & Sunday)

(Photos : © Something & Sunday)


Breaking into the interior trend market was fab! I dream of one day having a hand painted ceramics range, something beautiful but bohemian, with a twist of humour; which is slightly odd, since my crockery collection is a mismatch of all white pieces. But I do love a crazy patterned sweetie dish, mug or serving bowl and spend hours drooling over Anthropologie's eclectic selection. However, I digress. As the new girl at the award winning Flair Rugs, Nic wanted to bring a trend led direction to a well-established rug supplier; to capture new business and inspire existing accounts. After initial consultation meetings I proposed the best way to offer this was with a seasonal round up of key interior trends and then progress each of these into rug "micro trends" which could be pulled for inspiration as a story in their own right.

“As a design led family run business it is highly important for us to have the right partners on board, who embody our values and creative spirit, and Ros is exactly that. Since January 2015 Ros has created our directional Trend Packs, that offer thorough interior market and aspirational research. Ros is a professional, experienced and personable Trend Researcher and I would highly recommend her. I feel privileged to call her a friend and colleague." Nic Fenton, Buying and New Product Development Manager Flair Rugs

The team at Flair are passionate people to work with, and I love passion. When I visit Flair HQ the trend pages are pinned around the walls of their “creative hub” office and are used on a daily basis. The soft launch of the pack is presented to the team seasonally so we can tweak any imagery for the final launch to their we have a feedback session prior to a new pack; from these I have introduced “not to miss colours” of the season and “kids spaces” reports. This collaboration has led to me now designing for key areas of their growing business, working on the V&A Museum licensed product range which you can find here. It’s important to me that a client should receive a tailor made service, unique to their needs. If you would like to find out how I could develop a bespoke service for you, drop me your contact details and I will get in touch, I’d love to talk...


Nobody was in the slightest bit interested in creating this range. The directors loathed seasonal product, and from a design point of view it was the “poisoned chalice”. Great start for me then! In spite of this, it was something new to me and a creative challenge. The brief turned out to be a breath of fresh air since I like to run in a different direction from the rest of the cattle. I have at no time enjoyed shopping for dress up “tat” for my kids. More of a “pull something unique together the night before Halloween” kinda gal; we’ve had “Day of the Dead”, “Werewolf Axe Man”, Tim Roth’s Queen of Hearts and most recently a dark angel mixed with a bit of Clockwork Orange! So, I was searching for something a little more timeless to inspire me. Having had a good rummage into vintage Halloween imagery I kept things simple. I sketched hand drawn characters, mixed in baby footprints and layered on flocking, diamante & tulle 3D elements; a sophisticated collection for the confident mum to dress her little bundle of joy. Are you thinking of re-inventing a product with a fresh approach? Or just struggling for time? Why not get in touch for a chat, I’d love to help you out. (Photos © Mamas & Papas)


Timeless, age old fabrics have always inspired me. Considered design, with a story behind, always captures my attention and rummaging through boxes of scarves in a vintage shop is my idea of fun…or a jumble sale (do those still exist?)…That feeling of “what treasure might I find” is such a simple pleasure. I delight in designing prints with a time honoured feel, using shades that look washed away by time. Here’s an example from my portfolio, made up into this romper for Mamas and Papas, one of the UK’s leading nursery brands. It was bespoke design, to fit perfectly into their palette, in exactly the scale required. Do you struggle to find the exact print? If your brand is driven by beautiful things and you find yourself in need of some help then we should talk. I can take the stress out of finding that elusive print. Drop me your contact details and I would be happy to send you further samples from my portfolio.


(Photos © Mamas & Papas)