Nobody was in the slightest bit interested in creating this range. The directors loathed seasonal product, and from a design point of view it was the “poisoned chalice”. Great start for me then! In spite of this, it was something new to me and a creative challenge. The brief turned out to be a breath of fresh air since I like to run in a different direction from the rest of the cattle. I have at no time enjoyed shopping for dress up “tat” for my kids. More of a “pull something unique together the night before Halloween” kinda gal; we’ve had “Day of the Dead”, “Werewolf Axe Man”, Tim Roth’s Queen of Hearts and most recently a dark angel mixed with a bit of Clockwork Orange! So, I was searching for something a little more timeless to inspire me. Having had a good rummage into vintage Halloween imagery I kept things simple. I sketched hand drawn characters, mixed in baby footprints and layered on flocking, diamante & tulle 3D elements; a sophisticated collection for the confident mum to dress her little bundle of joy. Are you thinking of re-inventing a product with a fresh approach? Or just struggling for time? Why not get in touch for a chat, I’d love to help you out. (Photos © Mamas & Papas)