I adore dressing up for a night out (out!) but my love of loungewear has grown by stratospheric proportions since working from home. I pinky promise I am showered and dressed 99% of the working week but when a client needs a deadline, needs must, and sloungewear is the order of the day! So, when an old colleague and friend revealed she and her sister were launching a loungewear brand I was over the moon to be asked to help bring their vision to life.

These girls just live and breathe their product. For our initial chat, lots of time worn and well-loved samples, magazine rips, Pinterest pics, scraps of fabrics, etc., etc. were gathered. We sat down and had a cuppa and put the slounge world to rights, fueled by more tea and a big pot of sweets. As a startup brand the budget was tight, so we focused on half a dozen key styles the girls just couldn't live without and talked fabric, fit, details and trims. Caroline created the superbly simplistic brand identity so I could focus on bringing the product to life with detailed sketches. I constructed factory specifications that could be built upon with different trims and fabrications. Natalie is hands-on and design driven, passionate about product and really wanted to personalise each style whilst sat with the factory; a very organic development process which creates the best samples. The whole business, from development of product, photography through to delivery is handled by these hard working sisters and mums, and I love it’s spirit. Working with an emerging brand is an amazing buzz and feels like fun not work! Do you have a product you are slowly nurturing to life? Or big ideas you’d like visualising into thoughtful products? If so, I think we might just get along, why not get in touch? A natter costs nothing...(Photos : © Something & Sunday)

(Photos : © Something & Sunday)