Breaking into the interior trends market was an honor, it's an area I'd love to explore further in my business. I dream of one day having my own hand painted ceramics range, which is slightly odd since my crockery collection is a mismatch of all white pieces. But I do love a pop of a crazy patterned sweetie dish, mug or serving bowl and spend hours drooling over Anthropologie's eclectic selection on a regular basis. However, I digress. I believe a good designer, given half the chance, can design anything and I'm sooo glad the fabulous Nic Fenton also agreed with this since it was she who contacted me to work with the award winning Flair Rugs after we had crossed paths in a previous life. As the new big girl boss Nic wanted to bring a trend led direction to the well-established, award winning rug design and supplier to pretty much everyone, from Dunelm Mill right through to the V&A collection. Rather than her customers coming to her with ideas she wanted Flair rugs to lead the way in design and trend direction. I felt the best way to lead this was to start with a seasonal round up of the key interior trends and then progress each trend into rug "micro trends" which could be pulled for inspiration as a trend. I took onboard the latest catwalk print trends alongside slower paced yarn trends, colour and new developments within rugs. Nic and the team at Flair are passionate people to with, and I love passionate. It's important to me to work with big ideas folk who just wanna create great things, whether it be a new process or a fantastic product. When I visit Flair HQ my trend report pages are pinned all around the walls and it feels amazing! I'm just about to start my seventh seasonal trend prediction pack with them and it's always something I look forward to.

If you feel your brand could benefit from a bespoke trend service let's chat, I'm sure together we could create some magic!